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Blockchain platform

project's objectives
Within the framework of this project, it is proposed to create an infrastructure based on distributed blocking technology for the organization of issuance, the organization of secondary circulation of digital bonds and their repayment.
In the long term, this initiative will lead the over-the-counter market of the Russian Federation to a single standard and maximum transparency, both for the participants and for the regulator.

Due to the geopolitical challenges, the general financial and political situation and the daily rising literacy of the Russian population there emerged the question of reorientation to attract investments from the traditionally "Western" sources to the state pension funds, insurance companies and private investment. This requires a change in the approach to both management of collective investments and population management of personal savings.
Meet the future:
- digital bonds
- open platform
- absence of intermediaries
- the minimum entry threshold
The main advantages for:
- Registration of an issue with the CB is not required
- Simplified emission standards
- The market is opened for medium and small capitalization companies

- Ability to perform transactions without financial intermediaries
- The highest conversion rate of rubles and bonds and back
- Immediate transfer of ownership
- Ability to perform transactions, both in the address mode, and the indirect mode
Regulatory authority
- Protection of information from changes and deletions
- A single platform for cooperation among the participants
- Exclusion of opportunities for financial fraud (transparency of the system)
- Tools for system auditing
Registration of digital securities
Address transaction
Project's Launch
Indirect transaction
Emission and redemption of tokens
Emission and redemption of securities
Tools for converting rubles into tokens
Effective privacy mechanisms
Operations with ACY
Future Goals
Adding functionality to the physical securities processing and the integration's mechanisms with Exchange
Keep Moving
Implementation of other financial market instruments
Eugeney Semyonov
Project Manager
A professional in Information Technology and high-tech projects design for the financial sector
Alexander Tarasenko
Senior Software Engineer
A professional in the development of applications for the financial sector, neural networks, training systems etc.
Dmitry Proshin
Senior Software Engineer
A professional in the development of applications for the financial sector, neural networks, training systems etc.
Andrew Kozlov
Software Engineer
A professional in distributed storage and data processing systems
Ilya Novikov
Software Engineer
A professional in information security, cryptography and crypto-currency
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